April 23, 2024
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A mobile application designed for online sellers to efficiently manage orders, track payments, and monitor deliveries in real time.


The main proposal of this app is to help sellers manage orders easily and conveniently.


This is a complete digital product that I created on my own. This app inspired me to become a full stack developer. I had to acquire skills in server configuration, database management and backend coding. So it became a milestone in my journey as a developer, and I'm glad I decided to take that step.

This application stores extensive data regarding orders, payments, and deliveries, and includes search and filtering functions. Access to this data requires user authentication. Therefore, I decided to use a MySQL database managed by a Node.js server. Communication between the application and the server is done through a RESTful API.

The application consists of three basic functions that allow users to manage orders, track payments and control delivery. This minimal functionality is critical for a swift product launch and determining market demand. While order management includes basic database communication, tracking payments and shipping adds complexity and interest to the app development.

The user can link the app to banks and delivery services - currently Monobank and Nova Poshta, the most digital and widespread services in Ukraine. Using their API, the app can access valuable data on e-commerce activity and even generate delivery invoices. This capability enabled me to develop a practical and convenient tool for online sellers, right at their fingertips.


This is my first app released on the App Store. I went through the full product development process, learned new technologies, and brought my brainchild to life. Now I'm looking forward to seeing where this achievement takes me next.

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Andy Kotov

Designed for iPhone

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