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November 18, 2019
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Branded website of +100k subscriber YouTube blogger King Apdo, who creates popular Minecraft animation music videos.


I need a site in dark design with big beautiful blocks, with articles and files of updates and animations that I use in my videos to share with my subscribers.


I started with design and made a template where I collected all the important blocks of the site. After the template was approved, I set to work on the design, picked up the color scheme, and came up with several fanny animations on the site.

Then I got into the code, where I tried to use the React external JavaScript library, which allows to creation of a fast web interface and renders only those components in which data changes occur.

I created a Home page to display the latest news from the YouTube channel. Two pages for downloading Minecraft updates and animation files. A video page with the top 10 most viewed videos of the channel. To do this, I had to deal with YouTube API. And a fanart page where the channel's community could upload their work for everyone to see.

We implemented comments and likes that people could leave under news and fanart, which connected users on this platform.

I also added two great animations that created the atmosphere on the site and made it unique and alive. I think you should see them. I had the pleasure of recreating and animating a squid from Minecraft.


King Apdo was a complex, large and interesting project that we completed and released. My brother Volodymyr Kotov helped me develop this website. He was responsible for the admin panel, database, and API architecture.


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