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December 27, 2017
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Portfolio website of an artist who draws small thematic handmade illustrations to order.


Create a beautifully designed portfolio site with handmade illustrations and other items to sell and order online.


I started by working on the design, made a prototype of the future page, marked up all the blocks, their shape and location. It is important to do this in order to know the exact location, size and structure of the whole page before transferring it to the code.

The main page welcomes the visitor and talks about what the artist does, about his work and work experience, demonstrates the three main categories of the site, focuses on illustrations, offers to subscribe to the newsletter and at the end shows several photos of the artist's Instagram.

The illustrations page presents all the products available in the showcase, with the ability to filter by tag for easy browsing and selection.

The product page describes all the features and gives you the opportunity to leave a comment under the illustration and share it on social networks. There is also a button to add the product to the cart and then buy it.


In addition to this online store of ready-made goods to choose from, there is also a page of orders where everyone can place an order for a unique illustration by passing a small survey. This makes the site more flexible for clients and helps the artist understand the client's desire before they even come with their idea for a custom illustration in person.


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